MINI FLOAT FOR CHINGAY 2023: Embrace Tomorrow

TITLE: An Avant Garde 2050

This float envisions the projection of “Singapore Onwards” in the next 3 decades, where Singaporeans optimise resources and meet the needs of current and future generations.

Avant Garde 2050 represents a fine balance between social and environmental considerations for urban development where future Singapore will traverse on technology to boost growth, and eco-friendly houses and vibrant towns that blend work, education and play by harnessing renewable energy and incorporating climate smart conservation.

Avant Garde 2050 represents the hallmark of Singapore’s modernism.

This artwork is the collective effort of Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC and Punggol West SMC residents, guided by artist Mona.

Participants learnt to handle clay, form cylinders and design them with motif. More than 200 Terracotta Tubes and Kokedama Plants were created and assembled into the Avant Garde 2050.

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