Chingay 2022 Mini Float: Prograssive Green Singapore

MINI FLOAT FOR CHINGAY 2022, Ignite our dreams


Mona Malhotra was appointed as the lead artist for designing and installation of Mini Float for celebrating 50 years of Chingay.

Progressive Green Singapore is a visual representation of a ‘Progressive’ Singapore. The bamboos in the center of the installation symbolizes strength, growth and resilience. Flowers made from traditional fabrics from different races signifies Singapore as a melting pot of multiple cultures. Based on the theme, nature, this installation brings out the concept of community, conservation, and collaboration in sync with each other.

This installation is co-created with residents from Marine Parade GRC, MacPherson and Mountbatten SMCs.


Artists Chew Seow Phuang, Eddie Goh, Abraham Ling and Mona Malhotra with GOH Ms. Sim Ann(senior minister of state) at the opening ceremony of Eudiamonia

Eudaimonia @ The Arts House SINGAPORE ART WEEK 2022

A collaborative exhibition of ceramics by Clay-street , The Earthen Pot and Abraham Ceramics with the guest artist Eddie Goh.

"Eudaimonia", coming from Greek, is a representation of happiness as a state of mind rather than emotion. Singapore being a melting pot of cultures, the exhibition aims to follow the path coming together from different backgrounds. Each artist has his own influences and ideas, be it perfect imperfections of nature, uncertainties of future, or the positivity and beauty in complex surroundings. They come together to bring a multitude of thoughts in a tangible form through their artworks, expecting the unexpected from this original soulful concept, "Eudaimonia". This survey of works comes from a new world of new pathways, opportunities and challenges from the past year's experiences. "Eudaimonia" is an intercultural weave of a new perspective through the medium of clay and brings its audience an organic and spectacular exploration of works in ceramics.

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