The Flowering of a Child with Child at Street 11 Art Exhibition at Vivocity
1-2 Jun 2013

This project was conceived by Alvin Yong of Clay-Street as a tramsformational learning journey for the preschool children of needy family background fromChild @ Street 11. It was an unusal experiential early childhood education in pottery. From Feb to Jun 2013, the children were experientially stimulated by experts in the fields of arts, nature, architecture, music and photography. Through the medium of clay, these children co-created a series of ceramic artworks. Clay-Street artists then curated the arts into a 2-day exhibition at Vivocity. Click to read project journal.

Clay-Street's Chew Seow Phuang featured on Artisan Reboot Channel News Asia
20 Apr 2013

Clay-Street's co-founder Chew Seow Phuang was featured on Channel News Asia. In this episode "Big Pots", Mr Chew was invited to study with a big pot master in Taiwan on his fast disappearing masterful skills of hand-coiling big pots. Mr Chew aspires to pass on this traditional technique to his students at Clay-Street pottery studio in Singapore.

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