Clay IN-SIGHT Exhibition VivoCity Singapore
5-6 Dec 2009


Clay IN-SIGHT was a voluntary initiative founded by Alvin Yong in April 2009 to let the visually impaired learn pottery. The project led to a first-of-its-kind exhibition in Singapore that showcased ceramic arts co-created by a group of Visually Impaired Potters from the Singapore Association of Visually Handicapped (SAVH) and sighted volunteers known as Angels. It was truly a dream come true for everyone!

We are grateful to Ms Penny Low, founder of Social Innovation Park, for sponsoring the exhibition space.

Pit Firing Experiential Course Tanjung Sutera Resort
Malaysia, 10-11 Apr 2009


It was a fun weekend of adults playing with fire at a rustic resort by the South China Sea.

The participants learnt about pit firing in an experiential way. We built the brick kiln, prepared the pit, tended to the fire as a team. The delightful moment was at the unearthing process seeing our fired pots emerge!

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