Pottery Tour to Western Australia
7-20 Nov 2004


This was the first experiential learning tour that Clay-Street organized, and we headed to Western Australia.

We visited and learnt from numerous potters and artists in Western Australia - Graham Hay, Greg Crowe, Stewart Scambler, Angela Mellor, Cher Shackleton, Garry Zeck, Janet Watt and Frances Dennis.

We had fun touring Perth, Fremantle, the Pinnacle and hopping art galleries.

Magic of Paperclay by Graham Hay, Singapore
10-12 Sep 2004


Clay-Street hosted renowned Paperclay artist, Graham Hay from Perth, for a talk-cum-workshop series in Singapore for the first time.

Many pottery enthusiasts participated in the 2-day hands on workshops that marked the formal introduction of paperclay and Graham's unique techniques in Singapore.

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